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  R.V.'s / Trailers   
  Boats /ATV'S  

You've probably thought about getting your cars detailed, but have you ever considered your Recreational Vehicles and Boats?  Whether it be a Boat, Trailer, Side-By-Side, or another ATV, these vehicles are some of the most important to care for, as they are some of your largest investments!


​Our Services involve compounding, polishing, and waxing to remove oxidation, restore your vehicle's shine, and provide long-term protection from the outside elements. The level of oxidation, quality, and thickness on the fiberglass and/or gel coating will help us determine the level of service to best provide to bring back Maximum Shine and Brilliance. Compounding and/or sanding will cut through the oxidation and smooth out those scratch markings, leaving an immaculate finish. Polishing the coat will also assist with removing swirls and brightening up your vehicle's shine for months!


Springtime is popping, Summer is blazing, Fall is cooling, and Winter is storing.. Any time of the year is a great time to care for your auto and recreational investments. Remember that Routine Cleanings of your vehicles, with Armstrong Detail and Ceramics, will save you years of repairs and long term damage. 


Be the Eye-Turning Boat cruising down the lake, the most Admired Trailer parked in the campground or the best looking ATV in the desert sand with our services! Contact us to secure your reservation today and ensure Quality Care with the professionals at

Armstrong Detail and Ceramics!


R.V.'s & Trailers

  • Spot Free Wash & Dry

  • Clean Windows

  • Rims & Tires

  • Oxidation Removal via Compound & Polish To Restore Shine

  • Wax/Sealant Protection



  • Spot Free Wash & Dry

  • Interior Detail / Leather Protection

  • Clean Windows

  • Trailer, Rims & Tires

  • Oxidation Removal via Compound & Polish To Restore Shine

  • Wax/Sealant Protection

Off-Road Vehicles

  • Spot Free Wash & Dry

  • Mud Removal

  • Clean Rims & Shine Tires

  • Interior Detail


**Prices may vary after vehicle assessment, including; size, color, damages and/or cleanliness. Extra-Large Vehicles, such as: Lifted Trucks, Diesels, etc. do come with an additional charge.  Free estimates are available.


All forms of Payment are Accepted!

Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly memberships are available!

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