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  Ceramic Coating  

Have you heard the word Ceramic and ever wondered how it applies to a vehicle?


Well, there is a lot of information that can be found online about protecting your paint and the best product to use for the process.  How can you know which is best for your vehicle? As we have proof-tested several different products on vehicles, we have come to find out which are the best and most effective for your vehicle's protection.  Waxes will typically provide your vehicle with 1-3 months of protection, Polymer & Ceramic sealants around 4-6 months of protection, and Ceramic Coatings are years of protection.

What makes ceramic coatings so much better and last longer than waxes or polymer sealants?  They chemically bond to your paint's finish, giving added protection against several items, including the sun's damaging UV rays, bird droppings, water spots, and other harsh chemicals that may be used by automatic/touchless car washes.

Not only will the ceramic coating provide your vehicle with superior protection, but it also adds an incredibly deep glossy shine and has a self-cleaning and/or healing effect, making it more difficult for dirt and other contaminants to adhere to your vehicle's paint and wheels. It also makes washing and maintaining your vehicle easy and breezy. You will be better equipped to take on the environmental challenges your vehicles face every day. Allow your time and money to repay you, for years to come, with the added protection on your vehicle.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coatings

1. Provides protection that last for "YEARS,” not months!
2. Gives an incredible gloss and shine
3. Extremely hydrophobic (Beading Effect)
4. Self cleaning/Healing properties
5. Resistant to harsh chemicals
6. Reduces light swirls and scratches
7. Can be applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces
8. Makes washing and cleaning your vehicle much easier and enjoyable

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Includes: Foam hand wash, iron decontamination, clay bar treatment, machine buffed paint correction (swirl and scratch removal), surface preparation and Ceramic Application!

We apply a Multi-Year product to provide the

best protection for any vehicle! 


**Prices may vary after vehicle assessment, including; size, color, damages and/or cleanliness. Extra-Large Vehicles, such as: Lifted Trucks, Diesels, etc. do come with an additional charge.  Free estimates are available.


All Forms of Payment are Accepted!


Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly memberships are available!

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